Our Story

Meet us…Jon and Ali Locker.  Star-struck lovers turned passion-preneurs.  A couple that, by pure design and fate, was destined to merge talents and vision.

As cliche as it may sound, it really was “love at first sight”.  Our first conversation revealed that we had more fun together than with anyone else either of us had ever encountered.  Our one roadblock would be that I lived in Denver, Colorado while Jon resided in Des Moines, Iowa.  Nevertheless, we knew we had unearthed something well worth waiting for.  It was so much worth the wait that we spent two years in a long-distance relationship.  I-80 from Des Moines to Denver became a well-traveled road for both of us.  And with those miles emerged an incredible love story and deep friendship.  When the time came to save those hours and minutes, we chose to make Des Moines, Iowa our home.  Surrounded by our home-base of family and friends, we eventually married in October of 2009.  Our son, Benjamin Alan Locker, arrived not long after that in March of 2011.  We never could have anticipated that this little boy would take us on one of the most critical journeys of our lives.  We invite you to read and experience his story at benjaminlocker.com.  This blog is one of the first examples of “our work”.

Although we had recognized early on that we had overlapping dreams, desires, talents and missions for our life’s work, it wasn’t until Benjamin was born that we found ourselves in a true revelation.  We began to recognize what was truly important to us as a family.  We were given the opportunity to see into the essence of others and the world.  We began exploring, documenting, writing and sharing all that life was offering up to us during this time.  And people were eager to listen.  So there it was.  Life imitating art and art imitating life.  We pulled together all mediums…music, video, audio, writing and more….and began telling stories.  Stories of the human spirit and literary themes like compassion and chaos, challenge, and resilience.

So here we are….living the dream that we now have for our family.  We have committed ourselves to helping others reveal their “essence”.  Our work weaves together every element of the arts….we listen for the murmurs of your story and translate that meaning into a lyrical and visual masterpiece.

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We pride ourselves in authenticity. We are not Hollywood, nor do we treat our clients like movie stars. While we shoot in a cinematic fashion, we do not ask for staged shots.  We search for honest moments and do our best to stay in the background of the love story that is unfolding before us.

We honor that your day belongs to you and encourage you to be present….on your wedding day and always.  We capture originality that comes from the heart and hope that when you look back on your video in 20 years you will recognize yourselves as you truly were, not the people we asked you to be.

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Aerial Footage

We now offer full service aerial footage…ie. drone footage!

That’s right we are legal and ready. Whether you need us and our Phantom 4 Professional or just us to be on site to

make your flight legal, we can help accommodate your aerial footage and photo needs.

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School Related

Ali Locker has been in the education system for years.  This comfort level allows us to capture the story in the classroom.