Falling in Love All Over Again (Wedding Season is Here)

The one week countdown to wedding season is here and I can’t wait to fall in love all over again.

I love studying stories on Friday nights and waking up on Saturdays with a unique purpose of mind.

I love spending Saturdays with my husband.

I love witnessing a day through the twinkling eyes of a bride.

I love seeing the groom and embracing his cool nervousness.

I love the guaranteed lunch date with my husband.

I love the stress and pressure and ambiguity.

I love the unpredictability of weather and people.

I love being forced to remain quiet and still and the challenge that the art of observation demands from us.

I love discovering the first line of the narrative we are writing.

I love building something from nothing.

I love days when my husband and I pull off projects seamlessly and love (even more) when we find ways to combat the unexpected curveballs.

I love the late-night, after-all-is-done drink that my husband and I sign off the day with.

I love the rare invitation into people’s love and life.

I love what we are capable of learning about ourselves from this work and am grateful that a reflection of who we are may find a thread into a new story.